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Bali driver : Nyoman Suntayasa

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Guest Comments

From Sunnie (Malaysia)
Hi Polos,
we are very happy and enjoy our honeymoon trip, you and nyoman very nice...
yesterday my maid fry the Nyoman giving coffee bean, very delicious...very smell....
i want to buy from Nyoman that fresh coffee bean later...hehe..
my mother in law heard us talk about you lead us to many place, and your person very nice...she very interesting to ask you be her driver + tour guide later, i will let you know her date.
thanks again.
Bai driver guest

From Ivy Low
Hi Polos,
Thanks for reccomending Nyoman as our guide on our trip at Bali last week.
He was really hospitable and explained to us all the questions we had for him.
Attached are photo. please kindly pass them on to him. Thanks!
Ivy Malaysia
bali tour package

From Tran Kim Loan
Dear Polos, 
I had come back from Bali vacation. Thanks for your supported during time we were stayed there. Please give thanks to Mr. Nyoman Suntayasa too. He was very enthusiasm in driving & guiding us during days tour.
We had some photo with Mr. Nyoman Suntayasa in attact file. Please send to him.
Thanks & BRGDS,
Tran Kim Loan
bali tourist information

From Mohamad Jusri Bin Bahrom
Hello Polos,
I've returned from Bali for quite some time & would like to comment on Nyoman. He's a great person, very knowledgeable, kind & willing to serve. We had a great time there & thanks a lot to him for making it so.
I have some pics of Nyoman here & do send our regards to him. Hope he's doing well & hope to go to Bali soon.
Take care
With Warmest Regards,
Mohamad Jusri Bin Bahrom (Malaysia)
blai tour package

From Apit and Firends
Dear Nyoman Surwani/Nengah Polos,
Kami ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada Bali Day Trip dengan
memberikan perkhidmatan dan nasihat yang sangat baik sepanjang percutian
kami di Bali. Kami berasa sangat teruja dan seronok ketika berada di Bali.
Ucapan terima kasih tidak terhingga juga kepada Pak Nyoman Suntaysa kerana memberikan perkhidmatan yang terbaik dan tidak pernah kenal erti jemu
sepanjang memanduannya. Dia banyak juga bercerite mengenai sejarah2 bali dan juga beradaban di Bali. Terima Kasih Pak Nyoman Suntaysa.
Di sini, kami attach gamba2 yang sempat kami ambil ketika berada di Bali. Juga kami kepilkan sekali Gambar Pak Nyoman Suntaysa seperti yang diminta tempoh hari.
Semoga kite berjumpa lagi di masa hadapan, saya juga akhiri dengan serangkap pantun :-
Kalau ada sumur di ladang,
Boleh kami tumpang mandi,
Kalau ada umur yang panjang,
Semoga kita berjumpa lagi.
Terima Kasih kepada semua.
Apit & frens (Malaysia)

bali tour guide

From Eva & Richard Pachota
Hi Polos,
Can you please forward those photos to Mr. Nyoman Suntayasa and tell him that we are  already back in Sydney and still thinking about the good time we had with Nyoman on our day trip to the east cost of Bali
We would like to thank him for his professionalism and for looking after us during our trip and we do regret that we have not taken other trips with your drivers but there is always next time because that was not  our last trip to Bali  
I hope that you Guys enjoy the Galungah Celebrations
Warm Regards from very cold Sydney
Eva & Richard Pachota
bali guide

From Julia, Sigrid and Reiner
Dear Suwarni,
Today was the last day of our trip during bali and I'd like to share our experience with you.
Nyoman is a fantastic tour guide. He explained about balinese cultute and tradition and he is so firm in what he was talking about.
Once we have arrived at a temple, he teached us whether to get a sarong and where to find the entry counter. During the weekend there was a lot of traffic jam and he drove patiently. When we had diner at Jimbaran beach it got quite late for the return. But for Nyoman this has not been a problem. We had a lot of fun during the last 3 days and I really can recommend Nyoman. He was spontaneous and flexible - exactly what we needed.
Thank you for this perfect time in Bali!
Best wishes
Julia, Sigrid and Reiner (Germany)

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