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Bali Temple Anniversary

There are 4 concepts of Bali Hindu Temple created by Empu (priest) Kuturan who came to Bali in 11 century, such as Family temple built in every Balinese compound.Village temple built every village consists 3 temples, Puseh Temple for god of Wisnu as symbol of water, Village (Bale Agung) Temple for god of Brahma as symbol of fire and Dalem Temple for god of Siwa as symbol of the air. Occasions temple such as Uluncarik temple built in rice fields for farmers, Masceti temple for fisherman. And Public temple such as Taman Ayun Temple, Puseh Batuan Temple and many others temple built in every direction of Bali Island. Bali temple ceremony anniversary and festival celebration coming every 210 days, these calculations are regulated according to a system called Uku or Wariga, every Uku is one week (seven days) and the whole wariga year consists of 30 Ukus.

Bali Temple Anniversary

Temple Name – Location

Anggar Kasih Tambir.
Dalem Puri Temple – Batuan Sukawati.
Dalem Kediri Temple – Silakarang Singapadu.
Dalem Temple – Sukawati.
Dalem Temple – Singakerta Ubud.
Dalem Temple – Lembeng Ketewel.
Karang Buncing Temple – Blahbatuh.
Dalem Temple – Bubunan Seririt.
Desa Temple – Denpasar City.
Pucak Payongan Temple – Lungsiakan Ubud.
Tanah Kilap Temple – Suwung Kawuh.
Dalem Temple – Tampuagan Tembuku.
Waturenggong Temple – Taro.
Dalem Temple – Bentuyung Ubud.
Puseh Temple – Ubud.
Dalem Temple – Peliatan Ubud.

Purnama Kawulu (Full Moon).
Dalem Temple – Batur Kintamani.
Ida Ratu Pasek Temple – Besakih.
Banua Kawan Temple – Besakih.
Dalem Suci Temple – Sidemen.

Buda Keliwon Matal.
Puseh Temple – Sukawati.
Maspahit Temple – Sesetan.
Pedarman Arya Kanuruhan Temple – Besakih.

Hari Tumpek Kandang.
Puseh Temple – Gianyar City.
Luhur Dalem Sagening Temple – Kediri Tabanan.

Source from Balinese Calendar created by : (the late) I Ketut Bambang Gde Rawi and Sons.

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Bali Temple Anniversary