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A few words from our customers

From Gill Fairweather and Family

bali driver
Hello Polos, Just a quick note to thank you so very much for your services on our day trip to Ubud. It was the best part of our trip to Bali! We absolutely loved the Elephant Safari Park and the monkeys and birds were fabulous. Your smiling face and interesting commentary was a highlight. We will recommend you to all of our friends visiting Bali.I have attached a picture of you at the monkey forest with my husband Peter and our children Saffron, Charlotte and William to jog the must see so many people it is hard to remember us all! Regards, the Fairweather Family, Perth - Australia

From Charles S. Massey, CMP

bali driver
Dear Polos,
I can't thank you enough for being the most wonderful tour guide and companion we have ever experienced! We have traveled throughout the world and you showed us more of Bali in just a few days than I could have imagined. I for one am looking forward to both coming back (possibly sooner than you might think) and definitely referring groups an individuals your way. If there is any way possible I also plan to lobby my government to remove the current travel warning from my experience and perspective there is absolutely no need for such at this point in time. Additionally, please pass along my thanks to the wonderful staff at Bali Spirit. Truly one of the best boutique properties I have ever experienced and you can be assured I'll be back. Again thank you for your recommended. Joseph and Richard join me in passing along their most sincere thanks and we all look forward to seeing you again very soon.
Best regards
Your friend

Charles S. Massey, CMP
SYNAXIS Meetings & Events, INC
Corporate Office
8555 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069 USA
Ph. +1(323) 663-9851, Fax. +1 (323) 663-9852
Toll Free within the USA: 1 877 SYNAXIS

From Rima

bali driver comment

We meet Polos in 1998 and we found him to be very honest, fun and reliable and he speaks excellent English. He took us to the temples and many of the local people and also finding places that not so many tourists went, he explained to us many of the questions we had about different things we saw. I highly recommend Polos for your adventure in Bali
Austin , Texas

From Rodney Burnett and Family

"Post at Bali Forum"

And my recommendation is.... Nengah Polos. Have used him many times. Great English, friendly and great a sense of humour. Very knowledgeable and does not pressure you to go anywhere you don't want to go. Hospitality background so very accommodating, The boys had a ball with him on the last trip, even helped them with prices at the markets.

From Rodney, Jodie, Bradley, Brandon and Mathew

Geelong, Australia

From Sherrene

bali driver guide

dear polos,

we had reached KL safely and we would love to thank you for the wonderful ride in Bali .i was looking for a place to write down some good comments on ur website but couldnt find any .. so i thought i should just send u a mail to tell u that we really appreciate the trip .it was raining heavily on monday nite and we were at the Hard Rock Cafe ... we couldnt get any taxis or horse ride as the rain was so heavy ... we were saying " How nice, if polos is here !!!" ... hahaha  ...thank u again and we will sure recommend u to other friends who are planning for bali trip .. :) terima kasih ..

From Tsang Chiu Hing

bali tour guide

Dear Polos

Sudah hampir setengah abad sejak saya pertama kali bertamasya ke bali, kali ini untuk kedua kali saya kembali lagi kebali, yang saya paling kwatirkan yaitu transportation untuk keliling bali dan juga untuk mengenal lebih baik kebudayaan bali saya juga perlu guide yang baik, untunglah saya menemukan web bapak Nengah Polos dimana bapak selainnya membawa mobil disamping itu juga menjadi guide inilah pilihan saya, terutama juga web bapak sangat jelas memberi keterangan setiap tour dan memberi harga yang menarik dan juga photo bapak pribadi dimuatkan dalam web, semua ini memberi keputusan terakhir untuk saya memilih bapak sebagai sopir dan guide saya selama 7 hari di bali, selama 7 hari kita bersama keliling bali terbuktilah pilihan saya tidak salah, bapak honest dan politely dengan sabar memberi keterangan pada saya untuk lebih mengerti kebudayaan bali.

Terima kasih atas segalanya

Tsang Chiu Hing, Hong Kong

From Paul and Lidiya

bali driver

Hi Polos!

Thank you very much for the nice three days we spent in Bali as our driver and tour guide.
You introduced us very interesting and unique culture of Bali. It is something really unbelievable.
During these three days you showed us a lot of interesting places and now we can easily say that I KNOW BALI ?

Everything was very good.
Success in you business!
See you somewhere in the World!!!

Regards from Ukraine!
Paul, Lidiya

From Rachel, Allana and Ian

bali tour

Hi Polos
A note from Perth, Western Australia to say thank you very much for the wonderful day that we spent with you whilst on our holiday in Bali. I must say that the time spent with you is one of our highlights, and your attention to detail is greatly appreciated.
I have attached a couple of pictures that I thought you may like... I especially like the happy girl in the ricefield.

We wish you all the best for you and your family, and trust you will do extremely well with your future adventures.
Kindest regards

From Lisa Plugowski

bali driver tour

Hi Polos! Remember me Lisa and Tony???? I promised you the pictures when I got them in to an album, well here they are. You are on there somewhere. I hope you like them. I hope you are ok and I told everyone about what a great tour guide you were. Thankyou for making out trip wonderful. Regards

Lisa Plugowski

From Vlad Vasilyev

bali driver guest book

Hi Polos, I and my friend Vassily have meet you on Bali on November 2008. Please find attached our photo. I apologize for the delay with sending this photo to you. Thank you very much for your interesting tours and stories about Bali, local people, culture and traditions. Thank you for your quality service and hospitality! We were very happy to meet you and will recommend you to our friends.

Best wishes, Vlad Vasilyev St.Petersburg, Russia

From Cathy and Xilas

bali driver tour

Hi there polos,
Thanks for the nice trip and luv ur spacious kijang!
And it's so surprising Xilas can even meet you on Ubud street! And I reli appreciate you sending my bottle back to Tegal Sari ..
I wanted to put review in ur website but .. seems like nowhere for me to click to enter my comments!
Anyway attched here our pics taken together.
Cathy and Xilas (Malaysia)

From Jonathan Travers

bali driver
Hello Polos !

We are now back in Paris after our great holiday in Bali. Thank you VERY much for your wonderful visits around the island, it really made the holiday very special.  Thanks you for being patient with all our questions and for showing us some beautiful places and adapting the day trip as we wished. We really recommend all who visit your wonderful island to discover it with Bali Day Trip ! We have also attached a photo of all of us with you during one of the visits. With very best regards & thanks again from the Travers family (Jonathan, Carole, Benoit, Hugo & Olivia) France

From Sing Yew and Pty

bali driver guide
Dear Mr. 'yeng' Polos!

Hallo, how are you lately? i am sure you are very busy with tours right? i hope everything is smooth and life is full of excitement for you! all of us here miss you lots! we are hoping to go back to Bali again one day, i do plan to do so with my family then i will surely meet you again then! please do come to malaysia next time ok?here are just some of the photos that we took together and also some group photo of us, just in case you don't remember our faces or miss us, there was one taken without warning and you were laughing and you look handsome when you laugh!  i hope you would enjoy them. if you would like some more, please e-mail me back ok? by the way, how do i leave a comment at your website? i wish to do so if i may have the permission from you!

with the warmest regards,
sing yew

From Siau Lee

bali tour guide
Hi Polos,

How are you doing?
Here is the photo we took together at Besakih Temple.
Sorry that it's quite late to send you this photo.
We really enjoyed our trip in Bali.
It is so memorable.

Wish you and your family all the best :)

Best regards
Siau Lee

From Quek Tai Seong

Dear Polos, I am very happy with Nyoman service, thank you for all the arrangement.... please find the photo attach and send my regards to Nyoman. Rgds, Quek

From Kevin

Hello Mr Polos,
First of all, Happy New Year to you and Mr Nyoman.
Sorry for this late email.
Thanks for recommending him as our guide and driver.
My family and I really enjoyed the tours during our short stay at Bali on
the 21st and 22nd of Dec 2008.
It had been quite an informative trip as Mr Nyoman made an effort to share
his knowledge of Bali culture and tradition at the different places of
interest. He had been very patient throughout our trip and helped planned
where we should go first for the best viewing of the places.
We really appreciate him for driving us around the places which are located so far from our hotel.
Thanks again for the tour and hope you guys in Bali have a prosperous year!
I would definitely go to Bali again in the future to visit the other places we missed out during this trip.

From Petr and Nastya

Dear Polos,
First of all let me thank you for your help in our trip organization to Bali on the period of 24-28 Dec 2008!We had a wonderful time and unforgettable experience indeed. You recommended us an excellent driver and guide - Mr. Nyoman Mudastra! We were much impressed by his attitude to work and responsibility. He showed us some of the most beautiful views we've ever seen, told us much about Balinese culture, religion and different ceremonies. Due to Mr. Nyoman we really enjoyed all tours you had offered us. Please give him our best wishes and pass some pictures we took!We are sure to recommend your and especially Mr. Nyoman services to anyone and also try to put your contact information at some Russian travel sites.Once again, Thank you very much!Best regards,
Petr and Nastya (Russia)

From Sunnie

Hi Polos,

we are very happy and enjoy our honeymoon trip, you and nyoman very nice...
yesterday my maid fry the Nyoman giving coffee bean, very delicious...very smell....

i want to buy from him that fresh coffee bean later...hehe..

my mother in law heard us talk about you lead us to many place, and your person very nice...she very interesting to ask you be her driver + tour guide later, i will let you know her date.

thanks again.

From Kam Foo

Good evening,
 Thanks so very much for arranging Mr. Nyoman to meet us at the airport. Both my sister and I enjoyed his company and his driving. He was very accomodating and very flexible. He mets  all our needs. I hope to come back to Bali  in the near future and will definitely making a booking with him and yourself.
Once again....."se ribu ribu terima kasih".
 Kam Foo

From Sho and Yan

Dear Mr Nengah Polos,
Thank you very much for recommending Mr Nyoman Suntayasa as our tour guide on the 27th july 09. We really appreciate and satisfied with his wonderful attendance on that day. We had a really great time in Bali . Hope to come again next time with other friends and will definitely contact you and Mr Nyoman to be our guide.

Thank you
Sho and Yan.

From Tran Kim Loan

Dear Polos,
I had come back from Bali vacation. Thanks for your supported during time we were stayed there. Please give thanks to Mr. Nyoman too. He was very enthusiasm in driving & guiding us during days tour.
Thanks & BRGDS,
Tran Kim Loan

From Ivy Low

Hi Polos,

Thanks for reccomending Nyoman as our guide on our trip at Bali last week.
He was really hospitable and explained to us all the questions we had for him.

Attached are photo. please kindly pass them on to him. Thanks!
Ivy Malaysia

From Mohamad Jusri Bin Bahrom

Hello Polos,

I've returned from Bali for quite some time & would like to comment on Nyoman Mudastra. He's a great person, very knowledgeable, kind & willing to serve. We had a great time there & thanks a lot to him for making it so.

Take care

With Warmest Regards,

Mohamad Jusri Bin Bahrom (Malaysia)

From Thanachai

Dear Nyoman Suwarni,

I have been already been to Bangkok since Friday. I would like to thank you for all of your arrangement for our trip. It's been a wonderful trip and everybody did enjoy this trip in Bali. I also would like to extend my appreciation to our driver for his great hospitality and excellent service. We had a great time traveling with him and he was very friendly and well organize. I do hope that I will have a chance to return to Bali some day and if I have my friends would like to traveling to Bali your service will be highly recommended.

Best Regards,

From Lee Soon Hong

Hi Polos,

Please find attached photo and pass a copy to Nyoman. We are happy with the trip offered from your side. Thanks.

Lee Soon Hong

From Alan Ong

bali driver
Dear Polos,

My mum and i wish to thank you for making our Bali trip so memorable although it is just a short 2 days duration. You never fail to explain the cultures and history of each destination. All these deeply enriches me the knowledge of Bali. Also, you are a very punctual driver which always on time. Now i deeply love Bali more and i will definately visit the lovely island again for sure. I had forward 2 photos here for you to keep it as a gift. Do keep in contacts.

Wishing you all the best in your business !!!!! Hope to see you soon again.

Best Regards,
Alan and mum

From Bapak Hendro & Sekeluarga

Ibu Suwarni,

Kami sekeluarga sangat menikmati
liburan kali ini.
Kami mendapatkan pelayanan dari
Bpk. Polos lebih dari harapan semula.

Please convey our thanks to Bpk. Polos
& keep this friendly service.

Best regards,

From Tetsuji Fujimaru & Shoko

Dear Nyoman Suwarni,

I returned to Japan via KANSAI airport today.

I enjoyed our sightseeing thanks to your nice employee, Nyoman (sorry, I didn't confirm his name spelling).
Thank you.

I send a photo taken with him.


Tetsuji Fujimaru & Shoko

From Desmond & Wee Yueh Hsing

Dear Polos/Nyoman,

Would like to thank you for the wonderful Bali trip and your professional driver which are always on time. Below are our testimonial about Gede to appreciate the service given when we are at Bali.

"Our group are very happy to have him to take us around Bali.We had a wonderful time in Bali. He is very punctual and render a very personalised service. I will definitely recommend him to any of my friends who is going to Bali for their holiday. Keep up the wonderful work.''

Desmond & Wee Yueh Hsing
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From Lois O'keefe and Jon Keith

bali driver guide

Hello Polos,

I have sent 2 photos taken when we spent the day with you recently.  I want to thank you for the wonderful sight-seeing trip we had with you and I really want to thank you for waiting for us when we were delayed for 3 hours getting off the ship.  I didn't expect to see you still there after all that time, so to see your smiling face was just great.  We loved our short time in Bali and really want to come back for a longer holiday some time soon.  When we do, we want you to be our driver every day if that is possible.  We have told our friends in Australia that if they are ever in Bali they should not have any other guide except you.

Thank you once again for looking after us so well, we are happy to recommend your services to any one who wants to call us at home in Australia. 

Our best regards to you and your family.

Lois O'keefe and Jon Keith

From Mohamaad Hafeez

bali driver
Selamat pagi,

We have returned to Singapore from our great holiday in Bali. We would like to stress that the holiday would not have been complete without Mr Nyoman. Mr Nyoman was a very patient guide who accommodated each of our requests. My wife was exceptionally impressed with Mr Nyoman's safe driving habit. In busy Bali, having a guide like Mr Nyoman was very assuring. He made sure we reached our destinations on time safely.

Once again, I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to Mr Nyoman and also to the wonderful team for making our holiday a memorable one. I have attached a few pictures which we took with Mr Nyoman at Uluwatu for his viewing.

Thanks Pak!

Mohamaad Hafeez

From L Jittra

bali driver
Hi Polos – how are you doing ?? It tooks me for a while to mail you and told you that my friend (Wayan Wirata) and I had a good time and good service during my vacation in Bali .
Attached here with Wayan ‘s pic with us , pls help pass to him with many thanks
Hope to have chance to be in Bali again
Thanks / JL

From Simona Polli

bali driver
Dear Mr. Polos, I would like to thank you for the organization of the day trips we did in bali. Wayan was very kind with my son and very professional in his job. I send you some photos can you give them to him? I hope to come back in the future.
Best regards
Simona Polli

From Cherry

bali driver
Hi polos,

Do you remember us? This is cherry,greeting from shanghai,china. Also,please give my regards to Nyoman Mudastra.Thanks him for his patience and safe driving on those mountain roads.
We really appreciate your guiding during our stay in Bali. Kind people,beautiful scenery,every moment in bali left a memorable impression on us. Hope that we could meet you again in Bali.
Best wishes to you all. Gonna miss you guys and the island~

Best Regards

From Chai

bali driver


I got back to Malaysia from Bali a few days ago, and I’m happy with your driver Mr Nyoman Mudastra.

He is a very careful driver, and my wife is very prone to car sick, especially on mountain roads, but we didn’t have to worry under his care. He drives very carefully. During our trip from Ubud to Uluwatu, we were caught in a terrible Kuta area jam, and he started driving more aggressively just to ensure that we get to see the sunset at Uluwatu. Thankfully, we managed to reach there just in time, and if we arrived 5 minutes late, we would have missed the sunset. He speaks good English.

I will definitely recommend my friends to look for you guys as their driver if they visit Bali!


From Andreas Gerber

Dear Nyoman Suwarni,

here is Andy again. I just wanna say Thank You for the amazing three days we spent with your driver! It was a really big adventure for my girlfriend and me! If we ever come to Bali again, we will plan our trip with you! Please also inform the driver (sorry, but i forgot the name) that it was really great!

Thank you very much,

Andreas Gerber

From Miss Ong

bali driver

Dear Surwani,

We enjoy the holiday from 16/11/2010 to 20/11/2010, thank you very much for your nice, warm and good service during our holiday.

I will definitely intruduce my friends and relative to you when they go to visit Bali.

One of my frient he will go to Bali on December, I will pass your e-mail information to him.

One of your driver call Nyoman.............. who with us four (4) days, he is  very helpful, kindness and friendly driver. May I know his name , please send our regards to him, especially from my son, Wei Xiang, he miss him.

If we go Bali again, sure will contact you again.

Next year, we have two family will visit Jakarta & Bandung, may I know you got any friend/tour company can intruduce, we will arrival at Jakarta Airport and Depart from bandung Airport. total 6 day 5 nights.

Once again, on behalf of our family, we  apperciate all your services.

Thank you.

from Miss Ong

From Charley Santoso

bali driver

Dear Suwarni,

I would like to thank you very much for your hospitality during our holidays in Bali,
especially thanks so much for Mr. Nyoman who is very patient and friendly during
2 days with us.
My son Kentaro was also very happy for his first time visiting Bali especially enjoying
the water sport including rafting and bungy jump.

I sure will recommend my friends to contact you if they have plan holidays in Bali.

Best regards,

From Sudarshana

Hi Polos,

Thank you very much for the nice arrangements... we had a very good time while we were in Bali.
It wouldnt be possible without your travel arrangements, Even the driver Madae was very friendly and got to know many more things about Bali from him..

Thanks again for your arrangements,


From Steven Yeoh


Thank you for arranging the driver, Norman to us. He is great. We have great time in Bali. We like him so much. Thank you for your company as well.


Steven Yeoh


From Vinodh

Dear Polos/Suwarni,

We'd like to thank you for the wonderful service during our 3 days visit to bali. Our guide Mr.Nyoman the trip very memorable and unforgettable. He was genuine, very friendly and helpful. Please convey our special thanks to him.

Thanks once again for your great service.


From Mr. Tan

Hi Suwarni / Polos,
Thanks for the day trip, we are now back to Malaysia. Overall a satisfying experience. Will book your tour again during my next visit.

Good luck for all of you!

From Lean

Hi Suwarni
I have now returned to my country.
I would like to say thank you for the wonderful trip in bali.
My tour guide,both Mangku and Made was very nice.

Hope to come back to bali again after some time.


From Connie

Hi Surwani,

I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr Nyoman. I feel glad to find a driver who always willing to share the Bali culture to us. He is really helpful. We requested him dropped us at La Sal Spanish restaurant end of the trip. We reached restaurant too early & the restaurant not yet start business. We thought that he will drive off but we really feel surprise when we saw he still waiting for us outside the restaurant. Luckily he was still there else we have to walk back to our villa.

Thanks to Mr Wayan! I hope to re-visit Bali again!!




From Vikki Jones

Hi Polos,
Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for showing us around for 2 days. They were the highlight of our holiday. You were so friendly and easy to be around and it was nice hearing all of your knowledge on Bali. It was a shame our daughter Chelsea was sick in the afternoon but we thank you for your concern. We will recommend you to all of our friends that travel to Bali. Kindest Regards Vikki, Bill, Liam, Tricia, Chelsea, Nelson and Hollyx See you next time.!
(Perth, Australia)

From Charlotte Hansen

Dear Suwarni,

Now we are back in Denmark, after a fantastic trip to Bali. I just want to thank you for at perfect arrangement.

Will you give our very best greetings to our Driver – he was a very nice and competent guide, and we enjoyed
his company.

Kind regards Charlotte Hansen

From Ingrid & Hugues

Dear Polos,
Dear Suwarni,

We are now back to Belgium with plenty of nice memories from Bali in our mind.

We would like to thank you and your drivers for the excellent service you provided us during our 2 weeks stay in Ubud.  Your staff is very professional, friendly and drive in a safe way.  It was a real pleasure to discover Bali with you.

Kind regards,

Ingrid & Hugues

From Wing Ying

Dear Suwarni, 

Thanks for the arrangement of the sunrise trekking & rafting day tour on 23rd Oct, it was great and we had a lot of fun in sunrise trekking! Your local trekking guide Ketut (the university student) was very friendly and professional, we could not finish the trekking safely without his help!

Actually we took some photos with Ketut, could you please let me know his email if possible, so that we can send him the photos?

We really enjoyed the tour a lot, we will recommend your tours to our friends if they come to Bali!

Wing Ying (from Hong Kong)

From Tanakorn

Dear Suwarni  

I would like to say Thank you for Mr. Made Mangku to made me enjoy in bali
Best regards,


From Kalaimagan (Morgan)

Good afternoon Bapak Polos,

This is Kalaimagan from Malaysia. If you still remember me I was there with my family from 6-10 th. June, 2011 and we stayed in OASIS Kuta.

Bapak Polos, I write today to let you know how much we appreciated your services during the tours you took us to. It was truly memorable and we will surely look for you again the next time we return to Bali.

I have spoken so much about you and your expertise to my friends so that they engage you when they go to Bali next. As a matter of fact a friend just took your contact number as her brother will be going to Bali tomorrow. I know it is very short notice and you may already have been booked but see if you can help them.

Anyway, my family and I had a very good time in Bali, thanks to you and like I said earlier, we will surely look for you again when we come next. On the same note, if you are ever coming to Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, please do not hesitate to call me up. I will be more than happy to show you around, no guide fee as you are a friend... hahaha!

Our regards to your family.

Kalaimagan (Morgan)

From Eva & Richard Pachota

Hi Polos,

Can you please forward those photos to Mr. Nyoman Mudastra and tell him that we are  already back in Sydney and still thinking about the good time we had with Nyoman on our day trip to the east cost of Bali
We would like to thank him for his professionalism and for looking after us during our trip and we do regret that we have not taken other trips with your drivers but there is always next time because that was not  our last trip to Bali  

I hope that you Guys enjoy the Galungah Celebrations

Warm Regards from very cold Sydney

Eva & Richard Pachota

From Wing Ying

bali trekking

Dear Suwarni, 

Thanks for the arrangement of the sunrise trekking & rafting day tour on 23rd Oct, it was great and we had a lot of fun in sunrise trekking! Your local trekking guide Ketut (the university student) was very friendly and professional, we could not finish the trekking safely without his help!

We really enjoyed the tour a lot, we will recommend your tours to our friends if they come to Bali!

Wing Ying (from Hong Kong)

From Cheryl Sanderson

bali driver

I would like to thank your company and particularly our driver for giving us such a great tour on the 20 October.   Apologies that it has taken so long to send this email but have been very busy since arriving home from our holiday in Bali.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thank you once again.  Please pass on our thanks to our driver for the day.  Photo attached.

Kind regards
Cheryl Sanderson

From Tran Vu Phuong

bali driver

Dear Polos,
We reached home safe and sound after a wonderful honeymoon trip in Bali. 7 days in Bali was an unforgettable experience of our lives. For me, as a tour guide (like you), it is a great success. Success from getting a good service from your amazing competitive price and success from a total understanding about Bali thanks for your good English skill and knowledge. I hope more and more people will get to know about your business. I myself will surely recommend you to the next person ask me about Bali: "Just call Polos and you get it all."
Thank you for your big smile everytime we talk,
Sincerely from Vietnam,
Tran Vu Phuong

From Eh Hau

bali driver

Dear Polos,

Thanks for the day trip and the arrangement for the last day of the tour.

Attached is the photos that we took together. Will definitely recomend your tour to my friend if they are going to Bali.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes.

Eh Hau

From Kerry

Hi, my name is Kerry Wailes- I had 3 tours with you while we were in Bali. Id just like to let you know they were FANTASTIC, our driver/tour guide (Manku??) was amazing and so friendly and fantastic!
I have attached a photo we took with him after one of our days.
Thanks again for such great experiences!!!


From Nasrul

Hi we are very happy with the service pak gusti gave us for the tour trip today...a very friendly and polite man..we thank him for the very good service that he has provided us..we are looking forward for tomorrow day trip... Please share our good words with pak gusti...


From Steven Eu & Jenny Kee

Hi Suwarni and Gusti,

Thank you for your wonderful services and the price is so reasonable. We are very satisfied with your services. Our last minute honeymoon planning turn out to be a great one. You have responded very spontaneously towards our last minute emails and requests making our trip a marvelous one. Thank you very much Suwarni! Thanks to our driver, Gusti for waiting us patiently at every stop while we are enjoying the sceneries and shopping for the 2 days trip. We have our unforgettable two days sunset at Uluwatu Temple and Tanah Lot Temple. It is really beautiful!! We shall rent your services again next year when we come to Bali!

Best Regards,
Steven Eu & Jenny Kee (Malaysia)

From Janice

Dear Suwarni,
We have just returned from our trip in Bali.
I would like to thank your company very much for the host during our day trip.
Especially thanks to Mr. Nyoman who is very friendly and patient with us on our half day trip.
With his recommendation, we enjoyed the culture and scenery that we visited especially visiting the agro tourism plantation and a nice lunch by the rice field
I will recommend friends to join your tours if any of them are planning to spend their holiday in Bali.
Please also pass our warmest greeting to Mr. Nyoman!
Best Regards,

bali tour

From Elena

Dear Suwarni,

i'm writing to say a big thank you to you and our driver Gusti for
the services that you provided us the five days that we stayed in Bali.
We had a wonderful time and our driver was kind, friendly and punctual.
What else to ask for!

Next time we visit Bali we will definitely book with your agency again.
thanks again for everything!


From Gina

Dear Suwarni & Kadek,

Thank you for bringing us around Bali during our short stay on 15th to 18th September 2012. It was a good trip with many wonderful memories.

Kadek is very punctual, careful and courteous. It has been a pleasure getting to know him and having him drove us around.

If we ever drop by Bali again, we will call you again.

Thank you again for the great trip. Appreciate it.

Thanks and regards,

From Christie Trodd

Hello Suwarni,

I would just like to take the time to say thank you so much for our tour today. I cannot speak highly enough of Gede, he was the most polite and helpful driver I have ever come across. Nothing was too much and showed us a fantastic side of Bali! He is a credit to your company and I will recommend him to anyone coming to stay in Bali!
Many thanks again

Christie Trodd

From Ashley Baker


We had Mr Gede as our driver again on Friday 25th January.

This is the second time we have had him as our driver and I just wanted to comment on how excellent he is. He is a great guide, listened to what we wanted to see/do and made us feel very comfortable. On top of this, we learnt a lot about Bali and we have some great ideas for our next visit where we will definitely ask for Mr Gede again. He went above and beyond with my mother-in-law and made sure we were all comfortable and went out of his way to make sure we had the best possible day.

Thank you again and please thank Mr Gede again for such a wonder time.


Ashley Baker.

From Minh Kiet & Tu Quan

Hi Suwarni,

We just want to say thank you for taking us for three days. Kadek telling us those stories, traditions and culture of Balinese.
Kadek is very friendly and carefully, we felt comfortable and safe when he guiding us around Bali. We will recommend you to all of our friends and surely if we have an opportunity to Bali next time, we will call you.

Take care,
Minh Kiet & Tu Quan

bali driver

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